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IVF Treatment

IVF Treatment

IVF and other types of ART have been conducted in Turkey for over 30 years. With the exceptional care provided by expert doctors, it’s no wonder that Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for people that want to get fertility treatment. Thousands of international patients from other continents and neighboring countries fly to Turkey every year to get quality and affordable healthcare. Turkey offers the same quality (if not better) treatments, with a fraction of the cost compared to other nations. As we will see in later in this chapter, numbers will speak for themselves when it comes to expertise, quality, and success.

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Why do people choose Turkey for IVF?
Although each person’s decision to get IVF in Turkey is different, we can find some common threads:
IVF is an insanely expensive therapy. In the United States, the UK and other European countries where health care services are not provided by the government, paying for IVF out of pocket is very difficult.
Most people cannot get the fertility treatments they need to conceive because they don’t have health insurance, and even if they do, it doesn’t offer IVF coverage. Considering that people may need multiple IVF cycles to get pregnant, the total spent on these treatments can reach six figures quickly. Especially in the United States, it can cost a couple over $100.000 to get pregnant. In a study, getting IVF in Turkey proved to be 50% more cost-effective than getting IVF in the US. Thankfully, especially in Turkey, people can get infertility treatments for a much more affordable price, without dragging themselves into financial ruin.
Even if in your country there’s a national health care system, it might not offer IVF coverage. And if they do, they usually have an age limitation, restrictions on how many cycles of IVF can be covered, or they might have very long waiting lists.
For example in the UK, if you can get NHS approval for IVF, you’ll have a waiting time of up to 4 and a half months. And your waiting time can change depending on the area you live, making the situation all the more unpredictable.
This is simply too much time people do not want to waste.
For people that are looking to conceive as soon as they can, traveling abroad to get affordable and fast IVF in clinics might be an option to bypass age restrictions, waiting lists, or to get another ART cycle without breaking the bank.
There’s a reason why Turkey is the hub of medical tourism: Turkish doctors are highly skilled and have a lot of experience in their respective subjects.
The ratio of doctors to patients in Turkey is around 1/500, on top of that, they treat many international patients.
This provides a unique advantage to Turkish doctors, as they’ll have significantly more practical experience performing operations.
Especially when it comes to IVF, success depends on the experience and the skill of the doctors and the lab team.
On average, 42.000 IVF cycles are completed in Turkey every year. Naturally, people from all over the world trust Turkish doctors to take care of their health.
Proven success:
Success rates are submitted to the Ministry of Health in Turkey and are not available to the public, but individual clinics usually display them proudly.

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